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is coming to San Diego

Find Out How to Become an Outstanding Presenter

in 2 impactful days!


According to a recent survey:

45% tune out within five minutes to presentations they don't find interesting

63% said presentations are a waste of time

73% are completely tuned out after ten minutes

95% said they often find presentations Boring

Only 14% said that presentations usually persuade them to take action


A presentation training system that shortens the sales cycle

and gets your customers to take action with outstanding results!

Date: TBA

Time: 8:00 am - 5 pm

Location: TBA

Registration: Limited to the 1st 12 participants

What are poor presentations costing you?

Your presentations represent the single biggest opportunity to persuade a group of people to take action. Whether it’s communicating a critical message to your team or attempting to persuade a customer to do business with you, the stakes are high when it comes to delivering presentations.

How would you rate your presentations? Are you the best of the best? If not, would you like to be? If so, the FIRE-UP Training has been designed for you. We’re not interested in helping you get just a little bit better. We want to support you in being the very best you can be and we’ve helped thousands of others, just like you, become outstanding presenters for over 25 years and counting.


  • The FIRE-UP Workbook
  • FIRE-UP Your Presentations hardcover book
  • Win the Presentation Game book
  • Digital video recording of your presentations and coaching
  • The “Feel Like A Winner” mental preparation routine
  • The FIRE-UP preparation worksheet
  • You will receive 6 Coaching Emails that will remind and refocus you on the core FIRE-UP concepts
  • You will receive unlimited access to the FIRE-UP Coaching Portal and it’s 31 videos that reinforce every aspect of the FIRE-UP Training

And as always, you're protected by our NO RISK, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

If you don't feel we deliver on every promise above, if you don't walk out feeling like a superhuman presenter,

just let us know and we'll refund every penny of your tuition.

But Hurry, This Event will sell out...

don't let your competitors get an edge on you!


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

The FIRE-UP training changed my view of giving presentations from stressful, to an opportunity to have some fun, entertain and educate and most importantly build credibility with an audience. Follow this time tested approach and I guarantee you will see the difference!

Mark Moffett 

Systems Engineer Director, Cisco Systems

I’ve been putting sales teams through the FIRE-UP Training for over 10 years and it’s methodology and tips are field proven. The results I’ve experienced first hand are improved confidence and composure while public speaking, an increase in energy and connection with the audience and greater executive presence. I highly recommend the FIRE-UP Training and it’s approach to delivering winning presentations!

Paul Werner

Vice President, F5 Networks

FIRE-UP helped me focus not just on developing my skill set, but more importantly I learned how to have connected conversations that inspire my audiences to action.

Vern Carlson

Vice President, MetLife

The FIRE-UP Training is a powerful system that should be in every sales toolkit. It’s packed with practical, easy-to apply strategies that will leave your audience inspired and ready to take action!

Wendy Yeager

Vice President of Global Sales Enablement

Cornerstone OnDemand

After going through this course, I started revising and improving my next presentation. My audience will want to thank the FIRE-UP team!”

Tami Newcombe

Vice President Sales,

Cisco Systems

Fire Up presentations is an easy and informative program that takes you on a journey through the how-to’s of effectively structuring and delivering a compelling presentation.”

Anthony Robbins


Robbins Research, Inc.

The FIRE-UP Training will make you an expert in 3 critical areas:

  1. How to design a compelling presentation that will move your customer to action.
  2. How to mentally prepare yourself to perform at the highest level under pressure.
  3. How to energize and motivate even the toughest customers.

You’ll Learn to:

  • Create a compelling outcome for every presentation.
  • Understand your customer’s pain and design an irresistible solution.
  • Organize your presentation around 3 “sexy” core concepts.
  • Eliminate all disempowering thoughts and emotions that could derail you.
  • Use a proven 3-minute mental preparation routine to create unshakeable confidence.
  • Grab your customer’s attention before you even begin.
  • Align with your customer as a trusted advisor.
  • Break the ice with a powerful opening.
  • Create a burning desire for your solution.
  • Create visuals, experiences and demonstrations that that enhance your message.
  • Communicate with charisma that will win over any audience.
  • Turn every presentation into a “series of connected conversations.”
  • Move with a purpose to maximize your connection.
  • Use your voice and body language to create presence and power.
  • Get your audience highly engaged in your presentation.
  • Excel in virtual presentations.
  • Get your customer to take action.


Your Tool Kit includes:

  1. The FIRE-UP Workbook
  2. FIRE-UP Your Presentations hardcover book
  3. Win the Presentation Game book
  4. Digital video recording of your presentations and coaching
  5. The “Feel Like A Winner” mental preparation routine
  6. The FIRE-UP preparation worksheet

The training doesn’t end after just 2 days:

  1. You will receive 6 Coaching Emails that will remind and refocus you on the core FIRE-UP concepts
  2. You will receive unlimited access to the FIRE-UP Coaching Portal and it’s 31 videos that reinforce every aspect of the FIRE-UP Training


Arthur Schwartz

Arthur is a passionate sales professional. A PCC (professional certified coach) and Master Trainer for the past thirty years. He is an award-winning sales trainer and long-time mentor. He has trained over 20,000 people across North America, Asia, and Europe in the last thirty years in sales, sales management, and presentation training.

Arthur embarked on his first sales journey successfully selling Life and Health insurance. During his tenure, he developed a passion for helping others achieve their goals. This led him to sell Dale Carnegie training where he was responsible for growing the fastest territory spanning over 60 countries. He has been a top performing sales rep in three global sales organizations. He has managed top performing sales teams, and he’s led revenue-producing sales initiatives across those organizations.

Arthur uses what he teaches daily. He has been delivering Fire-Up training for Tom McCarthy and Associates for the past twelve years.

Arthur has been a competitive downhill skier, master scuba diver and has won multiple open water kayak races against competitors half his age. He and his wife Claudia, a respected HR Professional, amongst her peers, reside in San Diego, CA.

Seating is Limited to the first 12 people

Still have questions?

As a SPECIAL BONUS, when you register for the live

"Fire Up Your Presentation" training by January 31st, 2018

you will receive these amazing bonuses totaling over $1,700 USD for FREE:

45 minute Virtual Coaching session

One on one coaching session to make sure you confident and ready to deliver the next outstanding presentation. This will also give you the opportunity to prepare in advance for a special presentation coming up, learn advanced virtual presentation techniques, and reinforce the Fire Up techniques. The private coaching session will be customized to help you get the results you are looking for. ($600 value)

12 month access to our Fire Up portal

The following online course with 23 episodes will enable you to master your persuasive communication abilities and improve your leadership and persuasive communication skills! Learn how to structure your key messages to your clients has never been easer with our team's online course. The 23 episodes come in video format for you to watch in the privacy of your own homes as you prepare for a presentation at work, or alternatively you can watch them as part of a focused, goal oriented meeting with your staff during working hours. You will be able to access a password - protected site that has 31 video training sessions on every aspect of our 2 day FIRE-UP training workshop. These sessions are in modules that range from 2 to 22 minutes in length. You will be able to use a menu to right to the specific lesson that you need help with or reinforcement. ($900 value)

MP3 Download

You will have access to 24 audio recordings of each video module form our Fire Up training portal. This online course is presented as separate audio-only files for listening on your IPod or smart phone on the way to work or through the speakers of your vehicle. Take this online course with you everywhere in these highly portable formats! You can apply the principles of leadership initiatives and persuasive communication to fire up and boost the focused goal attainment skills that you must develop to become a top contributor to your company's profile. Now you have the ability to listen to the specific technique that you would like to review on your favorite audio device. ($200 value)

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How do I prepare for Fire-Up?

You will receive an email with instructions of how to prepare. Don't sweat it. Just bring your best self.

What if I register but can't make it?

It’s all good. You can register for another session at a more convenient time.

How can I reinforce the skills after the two-day training?

We encourage you to review your recorded presentation we provided you and log into the Fire-Up training portal and view the sessions.

Will the session be recorded?

We don’t record these sessions but if you miss one , you’re welcome to register for another.

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! These sessions are for you. Bring your questions and participate.

How often do you offer Fire - Up Training?

We will be scheduling these in the future based on demand.

Do you ever offer these programs in-house to companies?

Absolutely, Fire-Up training was originated as an In-house program at Cisco, and continues to be offered their at their global locations.